Jacobs to Receive SquashSmarts 2019 Distinguished Youth Service Award


Carol Jacobs will receive the SquashSmarts Distinguished Youth Service Award at the 2019 FS Investments US Open Squash Championships on Monday, October 7th. The ceremony will take place on the ASB Glass Court following the 6:15 PM match.

For the past two decades, Carol Jacobs has made improving children lives through education her top priority. As the Director of College Guidance for Barrack Hebrew Academy, Carol spent 17 years skillfully orchestrating each aspect of the college application and admissions process for her students – including summer programs, course selection and standardized tests.

Now retired, Carol still invests her time volunteering at SquashSmarts and maintaining a small, individualized college counseling practice for high school students and their families. Carol discovered SquashSmarts in May 2015 and instantly became an adored, irreplaceable member of its family. As a weekly academic tutor, volunteer, connector and friend, Carol has devoted hundreds of hours each year to helping students in the program.

Carol’s interaction with SquashSmarts began with a simple idea: drive students from Barrack Hebrew Academy to SquashSmarts each Monday with the goal of instilling in them the meaning of service and a broader sense of community. For the next three years, with Carol in the driver’s seat, students from Barrack and SquashSmarts met, learned and worked with each other as peers.

Upon retirement, Carol grew in to an even more consistent, respected and dedicated SquashSmarts presence as a weekly academic volunteer focusing her time and talents on 11th and 12th graders’ college process. Beyond the classroom, Carol has been a truly wonderful advocate, mentor and friend to the entire SquashSmarts community. Thanks to Carol Jacobs, the girls and boys of SquashSmarts – and students from across Philadelphia – have brighter futures and broader horizons.

Previous honorees of the Distinguished Youth Service Award include: PYSC co-chairs Wendy Palmer and Nancy Peter (2013); SquashSmarts alumni coaches Sakora Miller, Kareem Price, Devonte Harris & Mithun Das (2014); founder and president Andrew Nehrbas (2015); volunteers Karen & George Gowen and Judy & John Wisniewski (2016); executive assistant and officer manager Jeanie Shanahan (2017); PYSC leaders Beth Devine, Ann Marie & Terry Horner (2018).