Squash Magazine Top 50 Celebrated at U.S. Open


Tonight the 2016 Delaware Investments U.S. Open celebrated the third-annual Top Fifty Night.

Squash Magazine’s Top Fifty is now a widely anticipated feature each autumn. This year, the editors took a new look at the most intriguing and influential people in the game by selecting them state by state. The list demonstrated the breadth of squash’s reach, with players and leaders coming from every state in the union. The Top Fifty was actually the Top Fifty-One, with the inclusion of the District of Columbia.

From around the nation, a dozen members of this year’s list came to Drexel this evening for Top Fifty Night. They included: Scott McClanahan (from Alabama), Lako Salaiz (Arizona), Bill Padek (Kansas), David McNair (Mississippi), Mike Puertas (Missouri), Chris Smith (New Hampshire), Gui Alvarez (New York; represented by his wife Patricia Lasher), Karthik Sundaramoorthy (North Carolina), Richard Millman (South Carolina), Mike Monen (Tennessee), Doug Meeks (West Virginia) and Damon Bourne (Wisconsin).


In addition, a few other Top Fifty members had been present at the U.S. Open but were unable to attend the ceremony on the ASB GlassCourt: Ed Chilton (Delaware), Danielle Maur (Georgia), Narelle Krizek (New Jersey), Barrett Takesian (Maine) John Fry (Pennsylvania) and Shabana Khan (Washington).

Moreover, one of the Top Fifty, Amanda Sobhy (Massachusetts), had a good excuse for missing the on-court photograph: just after the Top Fifty ceremony, she came on court to play her second-round match. Sobhy, like a true Top Fifty veteran—she’s been on each list in the past three years—went on to book her place in the quarterfinals with a convincing 3-1 victory.