Squash Magazine Celebrates Twenty Years at U.S. Open

Squash Magazine Executive Editor James Zug (r) and senior photographer Steve Line.

Squash Magazine celebrated their twentieth anniversary at the 2017 United States Open with an on-court ceremony.

The first issue of the world’s leading squash magazine was published in October 1997, exactly twenty years ago. Since then 179 issues have been published, covering every aspect of the game across the country and around the world.

James Zug, the executive editor, welcomed Steve Line onto the court, not to take photographs of the ceremony but to be in it. Line, an Englishman, began taking photographs at squash events in March 1982 at the Chichester Festival. For the past thirty-five years, he has been the primary source of high-quality, print-ready images of professional squash. Ubiquitous at major tournaments in his black clothing and black hat, Line has created the standard for what makes a great squash photograph—“credit: Steve Line, SquashPics.com.”

In the past two decades, Steve Line has taken the photograph of sixty-four Squash Magazine covers.