Squash Magazine 2015 Top Fifty Announced

SH0524One of the highlights of the 2015 Delaware Investments U.S. Open was a new event: a celebration of the Top Fifty issue of Squash Magazine.

The world’s leading squash periodical, Squash Magazine just started its nineteenth year of publication with a list of the fifty most intriguing, interesting and influential people in the game in the U.S. A dozen members of the Top Fifty went on the ASB GlassCourt for a photograph this evening. They included Gail Ramsay (No.48 on the list), Wendy Lawrence (47), Hope Prockop (46), Chris Smith (45), Connie Barnes (34), Michael Pierce (31), Dominic Hughes (30), David Carr (19), Jessica Helal (10), Danielle Maur (7) and Amanda Sobhy (1). Five members of the 2015 Top Fifty played in the U.S. Open; Sobhy was the last remaining American in the tournament before her loss tonight.

The second-annual Top Fifty issue again features many high-profile leaders in the game including repeaters like Drexel president John Fry and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Hugh Jackman, actor and avid squash player, made the largest leap in the list, going from No. 50 to No.12. Nearly two dozen people made their first appearance in the list, including Brian Roberts of Comcast, developer Steve Green, George Washington University coach Wendy Lawrence, Laura Trevelyan of BBC America, John Hickenlooper, the governor of Colorado, U.S. Squash Hall of Famer Peter Briggs, law professor Cass Sunstein and poker champion Gus Hansen.

Read the Top 50 Squash Magazine feature here.