Pilley the new Speedmeister …

Earlier in the week when Cameron Pilley saw the Radar Gun that U.S. Squash have set up in the ‘Squash Zone’ in the glass court arena, he just had to have a go, and when he recorded a shot of 170mph, just 2mph short of the record John White set a few years back in Canary Wharf, you just knew he’d be back.

To add a bit of spice, White is, of course, the Head Coach here at Drexel University in Philadelphia, so he obviously wan’t going to take the prospect of someone – even a fellow Aussie – taking his crown. “I may be the ex-world number one,” he declared, “but while there’s still something I can say I’m best in the world at I’m not letting it go without a fight!”

So, with the SquashTV team in attendance to record the moment for posterity (video to follow), the challenge was on.

Pilley’s first hit was a good one, 170mph again, White could only respond with 165.

Then on just his second attempt Pilley set the new record at 173mph, and boy was he delighted.

Try as he might White couldn’t get above 170, and when, two shots later Pilley extended his own new record to an incredible 175mph White new the game was up.

“I almost feel like I’ve got some sort of World Record,” joked Pilley afterwards. “I wasn’t using my own racket when I tried it earlier in the week, so I knew it was just a question of getting the trusty old Karakal out and the record would be mine.

“Does anyone know a physio who’s good with shoulders?” he added.

Asked for some words of consolation for ex-world record holder White, Pilley shared: “If he puts his head down, gets to work in the gym and maybe installs a radar gun at home to practice with, he might be able to reach 174. But basically he’s just past it, I’m afraid.”


2 thoughts on “Pilley the new Speedmeister …”

  1. John White and Cameron Pilley should have a hard-hitting exhibition match and put it on SquashTV.

  2. Well done Camo, Fantastic speed. Any idea what string and racket he was using? The racket has a Karakal symbol on it (UK based company) which looks awesome.


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