Nancy Peter and Wendy Palmer Honored at U.S. Open

Nancy Peter (middle left) and Wendy Palmer (middle right) with award-presenters from SquashSmarts (Image: Steve Line)

Nancy Peter (middle left) and Wendy Palmer (middle right) with award-presenters from SquashSmarts, including Robert Coleman (right) Stephen Gregg (far right)  (Image: Steve Line)

At the U.S. Open this evening, co-founders and co-directors, Nancy Peter and Wendy Palmer, of the Philadelphia Youth Sports Collaborative were honored for their dedicated service.

The Philadelphia Youth Sports Collaborative (PYSC) is a non-profit working with other local non-profit organizations, thirty-two at the moment, that use sports to enrich the lives of children, particularly those from under-resourced communities. PYSC is a collaborative of member organizations that offer character-enriching and building opportunities through sports, like squash, among many others.

Peter and Palmer both have extensive experience in the nonprofit world, and work tirelessly to improve access to sports for communities and the children of those communities that are not always guaranteed the same resources, or time.

They were presented with their awards this evening by student representatives from SquashSmarts, the Philadelphia urban squash program, Robert Coleman, the Executive Director of Athletics for the School District of Philadelphia, and Stephen Gregg, Executive Director of SquashSmarts.


Gregg,  said of the pair: “At their core, Wendy and Nancy are connecters, high performance varsity networkers, if you will, bringing people together.”

Chakka Fattah, Congressman for the second district of Philadelphia, was also in attendance for the ceremony, and kicked events off earlier in the day for the Junior programming.

For more information, visit Philadelphia Youth Sports Collaborative.