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Day Two, Men’s Qualifying Finals:

Live commentary from the courts…   Also see: Day Two Roundup

Drexel Rodriguez up 1-0 after taking the first game 11-7. That was a long 20 minute game with lots of length played by both players. We are 1-1 on games. Siddarth goes up 7-3 in the second game to eventually close it out 11-7.

Merion: The start of the first game featured endless points, both players working on getting into rhythm. Abdel Aziz came up with some strong shotmaking late on to win the first game 11-4 . Clyne fights back in the second game thanks to his physical strength and shot making, cruising to a game of 11-5. We are all tied in the match at 1-1. Match ends with Aziz the victor.

Now onto our next game. Gawad wins the first game 11-8, a very contentious points and Cuskelly getting upset at the referee’s decision… Now thats not the first time we have seen that today, Feisty. Relentless pressure earns the young Egyptians a win in 3 straight games.

Germantown: Alrighty…. here we go! Julian vs Amir on court now.. A huge fake by Amir makes it 10 -8 and then Amir goes on to take the game 11-9. Onto the second game, and Amir is off to a quick start, leading 6-1. After that quick start, Amir wins the second game 11-3. Julian wins the third game on a no let decision. Khan is still up 2-1 in games. Amir up 7-2 in the deciding game with Julian getting a conduct warning for racket abuse. Now Julian asks the referee to open his eyes, things getting heated here and Julian gets a another warning, but this time for dissent. More argument o rules regarding timeout for blisters. Match ball for Khan but then Julian gets it back to 10-10 and is now leading 12-11 ! . Its 12-12 now and Julian is down, he has possibly hurt a quad. Julian loses the last game 14-12, Amir is through.

Day One, Men’s Qualifying Round One

Live commentary from the courts…    Also see: Day One Roundup

Drexel :  Macaulay errors led to Knight win in the first, 11-6.  Second game to Knight 11-1, thanks to his dominating touch and moving his opponent all over the court.  Knight 11-3 takes the clean sweep, barely breaking a sweat.  Next up local Joe Russell takes on India’s Siddharth Suchde. Suchde has taken the first two games.  Hitting deep balls and wearing Russell out.  Cashing in on Russell’s short balls by taking them early.  Suchde much too quick around the court, winning the third game 11-2.  Warming up now, Rodriguez and local Drexel favorite White. White down 2 games, but heavy crowd support from local fans and students. Nail biting 10-all in the third…but Rodriguez takes it 12-10.    Coppinger 11-4 takes the first game, Waller committed several unforced errors.  Waller wins the second game 11-7.  Lots of lets and stokes, roughly played game by both sides.  Game three play picked up.  Long, tough rallies…Coppinger nicked out at last point to win 11-9. Waller visibly tired.  Coppinger wins 11-7 on Waller tin.

Racquet Club of Philadelphia : So far a tight match with long points.  A few calls by referee have increased intensity.  Razik has just been hit in the nose with the follow through of Butt and has an injury.  Time out for bleeding at 10-5 to Razik.  While Razik is recovering, Hanson and Marche match has started.  Marche too strong for Hanson, winning in three.  The Aussies battling it out at RCOP now.  Karwalski has a

Merion :  Cuskelly wins in 4, but a big Merion crowd cheered loudly for their club pro, Alex Stait.  Next on court, Karim Abdel Gawad from Egypt against Campbell Grayson of New Zealand.  Gawad wins in just under an hour, in four games.  Next up USA star Todd Harrity.  Harrity fought valiantly in front of a home crowd, but Clyne’s speed and movement eventually fatigued Harrity and won the day.  Aziz up 6-2 in the first game, both players playing more aggressive attacking style than in the last match.  Aziz wins second game 12-10.  Very tight finish, both players fighting for space in mid-court.  Delierre surges back to win the third game 11-5.  Found his shotmaking and was able to take the initiative.  Delierre came back from 10-6 down in the fourth to tie at 10-10 with incredible retrieving and endless points.  But Abdel Aziz was able to stop the momentum and took the match 12-10 winning crosscourt flick volley on match ball.

Germantown :  Joe Lee looking strong in the first, wins 11-4.  Simpson retaliating, and starting to get comfortable, takes second game 11-6. Lee climbs to a three nil win, 11-7, after a tour de court. Battle at 5-all in the fourth game.  Simpson had a tough fall, but he’s now leading 8-6. Two all now…into the fifth. 10-7 match ball.  Joe ends 11-7 on a dead drive.  Illingworth and Murray on court now, Julian up 6-3.  First game to Illingworth 11-3. Marwan leads 6-8.  Game to Cesar.  Drive on an awesome dive by Marwan to win the point.  7-6 Cesar leads.  10-All now.  Firing back and forth…awesome squash…game to Cesar 12-10.  Up 2-0, possible upset.  Third game to Marwan 11-7.  Into the fourth, Cesar up 2-1.  Marwan not happy, 4-2.  Game to Marwan 11-4.  Fifth game, 1-0 to Cesar on a tin. 2-0 Cesar on a backhand hold forecourt slam.  Marwan fakes it back on a backhand nick, 2-1.  10-8 match ball to Cesar.  Two dives by Cesar but Marwan gets back to 10-9.  Injury time out for Cesar, getting ice…at 10-9 in the fifth. Game ends on a ‘no let’ call to Cesar, earning him the match in five.  On to Aamir Atlas Khan and Henrik Mustonen match now, a killer drop from Aamir takes the score to 7-3 with him in the lead.