Lasusa Dominates in Speed Radar Gun Challenge at Doubles Day

Lasusa captures 2019 Speed Radar Gun Challenge

The speed challenge stood out as one of the most exciting parts of Doubles Day. Using a Stalker Pro II, a high-performance sports radar gun that is used in Major League Baseball, the speed challenge included four young players: Drexel team members Karina Tyma and Lucas Rousselet, Hameed Ahmed from the Squash Doubles Association professional tour and associate head coach at Harvard; and Tim Lasusa, the assistant coach at Yale.

Tyma reached 102 miles per hour; Rousselet topped out at 107mph; and Ahmed’s best was 145mph. Lasusa was able to hit a remarkable 172mph. “This might be my top squash achievement,” he said afterwards. “I’ve dreamed of this since I was a child.”

Lasusa’s performance came within a whisker of the unofficial world record. In 2005 at the Canary Wharf Classic, John White, now the head squash coach at Drexel, hit 172mph on a radar gun. In 2011 using a special off-court radar gun at the U.S. Open, Cameron Pilley reached 175mph. In 2014 Pilley pushed the record up to 176mph at an exhibition in Hertfordshire, England.