Goaloop Celebrates the Launch of Chris Hanson’s Pro Career

Article and image courtesy of goaloop.com

Chris-Hanson-U.S.-Open-10-9-2013-by-J-HansonAfter turning pro this summer, Dartmouth College graduate Chris Hanson will make his professional debut today at the prestigious U.S. Open. Hanson will face Egypt’s Mohamed Abouelghar, ranked 66th in the world, at the Racquet Club of Philadelphia. The tournament is the biggest pro squash tournament in the United States and features the best players in the world. 

As Hanson, who is from Bedford, N.Y., launches his pro career, goaloop® is preparing for its public launch by the end of the year. goaloop is a new social network that connects the world through goals®, those that seek funding as well as those that don’t. It’s the world’s first goal market™, connecting all productivity across sectors by the common denominator of the goal, offering flexible financial options for goals seeking funding. goaloop’s goal is to help you reach yours. got a goal? goaloop it!

“We are thrilled to be sponsoring Chris Hanson’s first year of pro tour play,” said goaloop’s CEO and founder Lori Terrizzi. “We are proud that our first goaloop ambassador is someone who not only exemplifies achievement, but someone for whom the path to achievement matters.”

Hanson has achieved plenty as a three-time All-American at Dartmouth. He received Dartmouth’s highest athletic honor, the Kenneth Archibald Prize, as well as the Skillman Award for sportsmanship, and was named team MVP four years straight. However, Hanson’s goals for the future are greater. Hanson wants to be a national champ, become the U.S.’s No. 1 ranked squash player and break into the Top 20 on the pro tour.

Hanson plans on using goaloop to reach those goals. “The best thing about goaloop is that I can actively plan and keep track of how I will attain my goals,” he said. “A lot of people have goals, but they can quickly be forgotten or missed out on if people don’t actively ask the question, ‘How will I go about attaining these goals?’ goaloop takes care of that with the “Action” tab of a goal, which allows me to outline the steps that I need to succeed. If I don’t meet a certain goal, I can look back at my previous action steps and re-evaluate what works and what does not. Other people on goaloop can look at the steps I’m taking to reach my goals, and vice versa. It creates great opportunity for both helping others and learning from them as well.” Read more about Chris Hanson at hansonsquash.com and goaloop.com/ChrisHanson.