Dylan can Mizuki like Hisham!

The winner of the Mizuki like Hisham competition is Dylan Harris!

16 year old Dylan entered a video of his exceptional Mizuki shot (below), which won him the grand prize of two tickets to the 2012 Delaware Investments U.S. Open plus an autographed framed photo with international squash star Hisham Ashour, the inventor of the tricky Mizuki shot.

Dylan, who started playing squash when he was twelve and plays in Milton Keynes near London, was thrilled with his win, but unfortunately because he lives in the United Kingdom he won’t able to make it to the U.S. Open in person this year.  He will no doubt still be enthusiastically watching all the matches as they are broadcast live across the world on SquashTV.

Dylan will still receive a personalized signed photograph of Hisham, and instead of the tickets he will also get a personalized signed photograph of his other favorite player – last year’s U.S. Open winner Amr Shabana.

“Amr’s technique is so silky smooth, and he always produces his best squash when it really counts!” says Dylan, who is eagerly anticipating the upcoming U.S. Open.

“I am most excited about the amount of quality in this year’s U.S. Open!  It will hopefully showcase the extreme talent and athleticism that squash can offer,” he says, adding “the IOC better be watching!”

“It is also exciting because there are also U.S. Open championship’s in other sports such as tennis and golf…so hopefully it will be comparable to them.”

Dylan started playing squash four years ago, and plays at least 5 or 6 times a week nowadays.

“Fortunately I was introduced by some great friends and I haven’t looked back since,” he says.

“My favorite shot is probably the forehand volley drop.  Sorry Hisham, the Mizuki is second favorite!” he adds.

Dylan says his favorite thing about squash is the variety of the game.

“There are so many play styles, different rackets, different personalities of people and a new challenge presented every time you step on court,” he says.

Congratulations Dylan, your enthusiasm and passion for the game, along with your very skillful Mizuki, certainly make you a worthy recipient of this prize.