Chris Gordon on VisitPhilly


Day Two of the Delaware Investments U.S. Open started with the team from Visit Philly, the region’s official destination marketing organization, popping in to have a chat – live on Periscope – with Chris Gordon, the 2013 National Champion and the only US player in the men’s main draw.

sp_21874After a quick explanation of what was going on this week at Drexel, Chris went on court with VisitPhilly’s Dustin Wingate to explain the rules and have a quick hit.

“The ball is made of rubber, and it doesn’t bounce until it’s warm,” explained Chris, which Dustin found out to his cost as he clean missed his first few shots.

sp_21876He quickly warmed to the task though, as did the ball, and after a few rallies Dustin was hooked: “this is great, I think I might take this game up!” he enthused.

VisitPhilly will be back at Drexel for more interactive action on Wednesday, you can check out today’s chat with Chris on the link below …

VisitPhilly chats with GordoSquash