Chris Gordon Named Men’s Wild Card

Chris Gordon (R) fell in three games to Egypt's Omar Mosaad (L) in the first round of thirty-two in the 2014 Delaware Investments U.S. Open

Chris Gordon (R) fell in three games to Egypt’s Omar Mosaad (L) in the first round of thirty-two in the 2014 Delaware Investments U.S. Open

Chris Gordon, world No. 60 and Queens native, for the third time in his professional career will be the men’s Wild Card for the 2015 Delaware Investments U.S. Open.

“Being the Wild Card is a huge help for me. It means that I get directly into the main draw of one of our majors without having to qualify,” Gordon explained. “Besides the valuable ranking points, it means that I get the opportunity to go toe to toe with one of the world’s best when I’m fresh, and that I can give it my all to try and cause an upset.”

Gordon has competed in eight prior U.S. Open tournaments—his best finish came in 2012 when he reached the second round, and was a first time-Wild Card. Gordon, now competing in the Pan American Games with Team USA in Toronto, Canada, will compete on the U.S. Open stage in less than three months.

In 2012 Gordon upset Egypt’s then-world No. 15 Hisham Ashour in a thrilling five-game battle. Gordon pulled off the incredible win—the “best of his life” he said afterwards—11-9, 8-11, 13-11, 5-11, 11-6.

“I love playing on the glass court in the U.S. Open,” Gordon said. “The arena-like atmosphere with the big screen TVs and music makes it very exciting to be out there, showcasing my game.”

The twenty-eight year old has found success on the tour in his last few tournaments—exceeding his seeding in three of the four competitions he played in April and May. Specifically, Gordon reached the quarterfinals of the Northern Ontario Championship, falling short to Canada’s Shawn Delierre in three close games.

As Gordon looks to improve his current squash standing, he shared: “My goal for the next year is to get back into the world’s top fifty and to try and beat as many top players as I can!”

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