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Fair Play, Everyday
Squash is synonymous with sportsmanship. Throughout our history US SQUASH has proudly acknowledged courtesy, fair play, graciousness and an abiding sense of respect and fellowship with opponents. The U.S. Open will recognize athletes who demonstrate sportsmanship, fair play, and promote a sense of community among players and squash organizations.

Character in Sports Day brings attention and focus on the importance of the principles of fair play and sportsmanship by bringing together all past recipients of national sportsmanship awards including the DeRoy Junior Sportsmanship Award, the women’s Feron’s Wedgwood Sportsmanship Trophy, and the collegiate individual (Skillman and Richey Awards) and collegiate team (Sloane and Chafee) Awards.

During the U.S. Open, all past recipients of these awards are invited to attend the evening reception, and an on-court presentation celebrating the rich tradition of sportsmanship.

This year at Character in Sports Day, US Squash will inaugurate a new men’s sportsmanship award, to match the women’s Feron’s Wedgwood Sportsmanship Trophy (founded in 1979, and the oldest sportsmanship award in our game).

US Squash will honor the new award’s first recipient that night at a special reception which also serves as the World Squash Federation welcoming reception. Join us during this special evening as we recognize a special athlete from the Philadelphia area, then enjoy the world class squash with a Club Level pass.

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