Character in Sports Day 2019

Fair Play, Every Day

Squash is synonymous with sportsmanship. Throughout our history US SQUASH has proudly acknowledged courtesy, fair play, graciousness and an abiding sense of respect and fellowship with opponents. The U.S. Open will recognize athletes who demonstrate sportsmanship, fair play, and promote a sense of community among players and squash organizations.

Character in Sports Day brings attention and focus to the importance of the principles of fair play and sportsmanship by welcoming all past recipients of national sportsmanship awards including the DeRoy Junior Sportsmanship Award, Women’s Feron’s Wedgwood Sportsmanship Trophy, Men’s Robert W. Callahan Sportsmanship Award, and the collegiate individual (Skillman and Richey Awards) and collegiate team (Sloane and Chaffee) Awards.

All past recipients of these awards are invited to attend the evening reception, and an on-court presentation celebrating the rich tradition of sportsmanship.

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Tuesday, October 8

1:30 – 9:00pm: Men’s and Women’s Round of 16 Matches
Following 6:15pm Match: Sportsmanship Presentation
Following 7:15pm Match:  Sportsmanship Presentation
Following 8:00pm Match: On Court Photo for all Sportsmanship Recipients in Attendance

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*Additional programming may be added to this event.


2019 Honoree

Pat Millman will be awarded the Feron’s Wedgwood Sportsmanship Trophy at the 2019 FS Investments U.S. Open.  Millman grew up in England. She first started playing squash at age thirty. In 1993 she and her husband Richard moved to the U.S. She coached in California, Atlanta, Boston, Westchester, NY, Stamford, CT and Charleston, SC. She assisted the men’s and women’s teams at Cornell and was the head coach at Hackley School and St. Luke’s School. Two years ago she became the assistant director of Scenic City Squash in Chattanooga, TN. An outstanding player, Millman won the U.S. 55+ in 2010 and the 65+ in 2019 and is well-known for her sportsmanship.


Jay Nelson will be awarded the 2019 Robert W. Callahan Men’s Sportsmanship Award at the 2019 FS Investments U.S. Open. Nelson is a legendary masters player. He played squash at Andover and Harvard and for the the last half century has been a mainstay of squash in New York City. Inducted into the U.S. Squash Hall of Fame in 2013, Nelson has won thirty-one titles at the National Singles tournament. In hardball, Nelson won the U.S. national men’s 45+ in 1989 and 1990 and the 50+ in 1993 and 1995; in softball the 40+ in 1984 and 1985; the 45+ in 1987 and 1988; the 50+ from 1992 through 1996; the 55+ from 1997 through 2001; the 60+ in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2006; the 65+ in 2007 through 2011; the 70+ in 2012 and 2016; and the 75+ in 2017 and 2019. He is renowned as an example of sportsmanship. He was awarded NY Squash’s Eddie Standing Trophy in 1974 for exceptional sportsmanship and throughout his decades in the game has emphasized fair play and courtesy.

2018 Honoree

Abby Markoe, 2018 Feron’s Wedgwood Trophy Recipient

Abby Markoe will be awarded the Feron’s Wedgwood Sportsmanship Trophy at the 2018 FS Investments U.S. Open. Markoe is the executive director of SquashWise, the urban squash program in Baltimore. A lifelong player, Markoe captained the team at George Washington University during their inaugural year as a varsity program in 2002-03. She now is an avid league player in Maryland and each fall plays in the Howe Cup, the national women’s team tournament. For a half dozen years she has directed the Lacy Cup, the annual women’s match between Baltimore and Washington and more recently has led Baltimore’s Howe Cup team. She also annually organizes a Women’s Squash Night at Meadow Mill as a part of US Squash’s global initiative Women’s Squash Week. Last year, in response to low squash participation among girls, Markoe launched the Girls Excellence Initiative. This project works to inspire girls to commit more deeply to their athletic development through mentoring events, team-building activities and squash tournament opportunities.



Chris Spahr, 2018 Robert W. Callahan Men’s Sportsmanship Recipient

Chris Spahr will receive the 2018 Robert W. Callahan Men’s Sportsmanship Award. Spahr is the squash director at the University Club of Boston. The son of the late national champion Kit Spahr, he grew up in Philadelphia and played on undefeated teams at Haverford School. At Franklin & Marshall, Spahr was a three-time All American and two-time captain, helping lead the Diplomats to a No.2 national ranking. Spahr has captured two masters titles in doubles, the 40+ in 2007 and the 45+ in 2012, both with fellow Bostonian Doug Gifford. He has also played in every Can-Am Cup since its inception in 2008. After ten years as the head squash pro at the Field Club in Greenwich, he has spent the last eighteen years at the University Club, coaching hundreds of juniors and running dozens of tournaments each year.

2017 Honoree

Mark Talbott will receive the 2017 Robert W. Callahan Men’s Sportsmanship Award. Arguably the greatest American squash player in history, Talbott won more than two hundred and fifty squash tournaments during long singles and doubles career in the 1980s and 1990s. He won three National Singles titles, two U.S. Open titles and seventeen major singles titles. He was in the inaugural class of inductees in 2000 into the U.S. Squash Hall of Fame. He was renowned for his sportsmanship. He was a paragon of graciousness on the court. Twice in major tournaments he took points away from himself by calling a winner down, losing games as a result. In 1991 the men’s hardball tour awarded him the Sharif Khan Sportsmanship Award. From 1996 to 2004 Talbott coached the women’s team at Yale, leading the Eli to the national title in his final season there. Since 2004, he’s been the coach at Stanford. Both Yale and Stanford women he coached have been awarded the Richey Award for individual sportsmanship. and in 2013 he was given the Chaffee Award for team sportsmanship.

2016 Honorees

richard_chinRichard Chin received the 2016 Robert W. Callahan Men’s Sportsmanship Award. Chin has been the head pro at the Harvard Club of New York since 1997. Originally a badminton player in Guyana, he switched to squash during a shuttlecock shortage and emigrated from Guyana to New York in 1981. He was an All American for all four years at Cornell and captain of the Big Red team his senior year. He reached the finals of the National Singles (the open SL Green draw) three times, played on six Team USA squads at the World Team Championships (more than any other male in U.S. history) and has long been on the board of StreetSquash, the urban squash program in Harlem. This past spring he captured the 45+ division at the National Singles. Renowned for his fair play, Chin was honored with the Skillman Award, the national award for men’s collegiate sportsmanship, in 1991.



Michael Gough received the 2016 A. Carter Fergusson Grand Masters Honor Roll award. In 2014 in Hong Kong, Michael Gough became the fifth American to ever win an official world squash title when he captured the men’s 75+ division at the World Masters. In 2015 and 2016 Gough took the men’s 75+ division at the British Open Masters. Based in Atlanta, Gough is known as a gracious, generous player. The A. Carter Fergusson Grand Masters Honor Roll, established in 2010, is named after the Cal Ripkin of squash. After leading Yale to a national title his senior year, Carter Fergusson played in sixty-two consecutive National Singles tournaments from 1948 to 2009. The award is given to men and women who exemplify Fergusson’s example of squash as a lifetime sport.


monaLast fall at the annual Howe Cup, Mona Butterfield was awarded the 2015 Feron’s Wedgwood Sportsmanship Trophy. A longtime player in Washington, DC. Butterfield is a strong adherent to the ideals of fair play and fellowship with opponents. The Feron’s Wedgwood is US Squash’s oldest sportsmanship award, having been given out annually since 1979.


2015 Honorees


Richard A. Sheppard received the 2015 Robert W. Callahan Sportsmanship Award. One of the best right-wallers of the past generation, Sheppard won three national open doubles titles (1987 and 1988 with Scott Ryan and 1991 with Bill Ramsay), two 40+ (2001 and 2002 with Gregg Finn) and two 50+ (2012 and 2013 with Dominic Hughes). He has also won the 2002 national mixed 40+ with his wife, Sandy Worthington. Sheppard is an avid tournament player, continuing to play in and win top amateur events like the Gold Racquets and the William White, often facing men who weren’t born when he first played in the tournament. One of the few veteran athletes who competes at the highest level in both singles and doubles, Sheppard has also won national singles titles in master’s divisions: the 45+ in 2005 and the 55+ in 2014.


dsc_0734Orla O’Doherty, an Irish transplant now in California, was recognized with the 2014 Feron’s Wedgwood Sportsmanship Award. O’Doherty represented Ireland three times in the World Championships and reached world No.69. Since coming to America, she has taught squash at the Heights Casino in Brooklyn and SquashBusters in Boston, as well as bouts of coaching at Cornell, MIT and Tufts. She now is the head pro at the Santa Barbara Athletic Club and is the squash director at the local urban squash program, Santa Barbara School of Squash.


2014 Honoree


Edmund R. Chilton was named the inaugural Men’s Sportsmanship Honoree in 2014 . A southpaw with a Dan Marino-like quick-release reverse corner, Ed Chilton is a many-time national masters doubles champion: he has won the men’s 40+ and 45+ (with Andrew Slater), two mixed 40+ (with Joyce Davenport and Demer Holleran), a World Doubles 30+ (with Kevin Jernigan) and a Century Doubles A (with his brother Court). Chilton first picked up squash as a senior at Avon Old Farms, but played tennis at Roanoke College. A part-time racquetball pro in Washington, DC, Chilton landed a squash job at the old Capitol Hill Squash & Fitness Club in 1987. In April 1991 he became the head squash professional at the Wilmington Country Club, where he has been ever since (he also coaches tennis there and sometimes platform tennis). Chilton is not only an exemplary sport on the court but he is also a national leader off the court. Since 1991 he has directed the National Junior Doubles at WCC, the country’s sole annual doubles event for juniors and a flagship tournament that has introduced the game to hundreds of current players. He has also founded the Delaware State district, directed numerous singles and doubles events, mentored numerous top-ranked juniors and has for two decades run the U.S. Pro, the annual men’s doubles tournament at WCC, one of the top stops on the pro tour. In 2012 he ran the inaugural U.S. Open Doubles.


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