Catching Up With…Campbell Grayson

Grayson (L) against finalist Nick Matthew in the 2013 round of sixteen. (image: Steve Line/

Grayson (L) against finalist Nick Matthew in the 2013 round of sixteen. (image: Steve Line/

ItallhappenshereThe 2013 Delaware Investments U.S. Open proved to be a landmark tournament for Campbell Grayson. Last October, the Auckland, New Zealand, native emerged from qualifying to upset world No. 25 Nicolas Mueller to reach the last sixteen of a Professional Squash Association (PSA) World Series event for the first time in his career.

The twenty-eight-year-old world No. 50 has frequented the United States since first competing stateside in the 2007 Worldgate Sport & Health Open in Virginia. In addition to his seminal U.S. tournament, Grayson has competed in thirty-five other tournaments on the U.S. professional circuit. 

Grayson warmed up to the U.S. so much that he found a home in New York City in 2012, and also lived in Boston. Since moving stateside, Grayson reached his highest career world ranking of thirty-seven in May 2013, and won two U.S. Pro Series titles: the 2013 Houston Open, and his most recent U.S. tournament, May’s 2014 Las Vegas Open.

Once again set for the qualifying draw in his third consecutive U.S. Open, Grayson will aim for another impressive run in 2014 on what has become his adopted home soil.

You moved to the U.S. in 2012, how have you liked living in the U.S. so far?
I have loved living in the U.S. since I moved here two years ago. I have lived in Boston & New York and really enjoy both cities. I feel very settled here now, living with my girlfriend in Manhattan. I like the balance of coaching/playing and also the fact that there are so many tournaments in the U.S. that I can play.

Best U.S. Open Memory?
2013 U.S. Open. Coming through qualifying and then reaching the last sixteen of the main draw.

Squash idols?
David Pearson, Paul Johnson and Jansher Khan.

Favorite shot and why?
Forehand Volley Drop. Feel like my technique is good on this shot and I can hit a few winners when I play it.

Favorite activity in Philadelphia?
Watching the Philadelphia Flyers play Ice Hockey.