Can You Count?

ball countThe expo area at the 2013 Delaware Investments U.S. Open is a vibrant place packed with attractions. There is plenty of craft beer from Yards Brewing Company, Philadelphia’s microbrewery; food from Landmark Americana; sartorially splendid U.S. Open clothing and merchandise at the official U.S. Open shop manned by Kenny Scher; and the ever-popular Squash Zone where a radar gun can record how fast you hit the ball.

But the most intriguing place might be at the Dunlop corner. US Squash has exhibited a glass box stuffed with Dunlop squash balls. How many are inside? The winner gets a Dunlop prize pack: a Dunlop racquet, a pair of goggles, a box of balls (naturally), a U.S. Open towel and a Dunlop hat. The last time US Squash did this, at the 2011 U.S. Open, a Drexel University undergrad named Christine put in the best guess: she actually hit the exact number, 716.

More than eighty visitors to the Open have registered their guess this year. The lowest guess has been seventy-two; the highest is 1,365. Some have eyed the case for fifteen minutes, calculating hard and mentally getting their Euclid on. Some bemoan the fact they didn’t listen hard enough in their sophomore geometry class and guesstimate. A few, just in from picking their lottery numbers, select their favorite digits.

The balls, however many of them there actually are, will be donated to the National Urban Squash & Education Association.